Returning home

Eventually you may feel the call of family wanting you to come on home sometime.  There are plenty of options for your exit strategy.

A quiet bay in the South Pacific may feel far from the hustle of your home port but there are many ways to return with or without your boat.

Choose a Safe Harbour and Fly

You may like to find a harbour or yard for the off season and fly home for Christmas or back to work a while. Direct flights to Asia, North or South America go from Tahiti, Fiji and New Zealand. Many of our islands allow visiting yachts to stay up to 2 years. When you return to the boat you can sail another season around the islands you missed last time. This can be done year after year allowing new visiting visas when you return.

Simply Ship the Boat Homeward

Yacht-Transport offers a purpose built, semi-submersible carriers which are designed solely for yacht transportation. Their unique float-on, float-off system is viewed as the safest and most efficient way to transport your yacht. This practice is more common as it has become quite economical.

Sell the Boat

Sell the boat to a new adventurer. It now has the added value of being outfitted for offshore sailing and is already in the greatest sailing grounds in the world. Import taxes can usually be avoided if the boat is sailed offshore again within a reasonable time.

Sail Home

Take your time and choose a route to sail home. Alternatives include;
– continue around the globe via Indonesia, Maldives, South Africa, ST Helena, Caribbean
– North via Japan, Alaska, Canada
– Take the low route Tahiti, Hawaii
– Straight to Chile, Equador.

Professional boat yards can be found at small or large destinations.
You may cheat and take the quick way sometimes.
Storage facilities ashore are increasing.
Sail in, ship home.
The beauty in sailing in the South Pacific.