Sailing rallies offer education prior to departure, camaraderie during the passage, and often ease of customs and immigration clearance.

Joining a rally is a great way to build confidence in your cruising skills and make new friends, while adding a measure of safety to your cruise.  Not all rally fleets travel as a single group. You can often join up or separate to suit your own itinerary.

The Pacific Puddle Jump rally is an annual “migration” to the South Pacific that is open to both sail- and power boats. Every year between late February and early June dozens of boats from many nations depart from a variety of ports along the west coast of the Americas, all bound for islands of French Polynesia. PPJ Sendoff events are held in Panama and Mexico, and along the way, fleet members check in daily, and keep in touch with each other via satellite messaging devices and HF radio nets. See: www.pacificpuddlejump.com.

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