Located in the Pacific Ocean (600 off the west coast of mainland Ecuador), this group of volcanic Islands is yet one of the most favorite spots for many sailors around the world.

Galápagos has something special for every Captain, yacht owner and their guests, ¡it is a unique experience that you cannot miss it!


The Galapagos terrestrial climate is atypical for its equatorial location: particularly the prolonged cool season with dry conditions over most of the archipelago.

Ocean currents and winds interact to define the two seasons:

The hot season generally prevails from January to May, characterized by elevated sea and air temperatures, and convective rainfall that is highly variable in correlation with sea surface temperatures.

During the cool season, usually from June to December, cooler temperatures and a misty “garúa” cloud layer persisting which orographic, or highland, rainfall results in steady precipitation in the higher windward sides of the islands and almost no rainfall in the rest of the archipelago.

This creates two broad climatic zones: the humid highlands and dry lowlands, with an intervening transition zone.

The Galapagos wildlife is active all year around, therefore any time is a good time to come to the Galapagos and enjoy it!


An entry permit called Autografo is required for every vessel with the intention to visit the Galapagos islands, either the protected areas or the inhabited ports only. Yachts arriving with an Autografo in hand are given up to 30 days with the possibility of a 30-day extension.

The process to obtain the entry permit normally takes a while (according to the season), therefore we highly suggest you to start the application at least six weeks in advance.


In the Galapagos islands is mandatory to use an agent in order to arrange all the clearance in & out process and the coordinations before arrival, your agent will represent you during the whole stay.

As your agents, we will guide you through the procedures, send you the most uselful information to be known regarding the requirements and regulations and will act as a go-between you and the local authorities upon your arrival.

When you arrive, several officials will board your vessel atthe same time, you will request to fill some forms asking for some information about your crew and the vessel, they will also inspect the boat very thoroughly, looking in the bilges, at your security equipment, navigation equipment, etc.


Due to the archipelago is a national park, there are no marinas in the Galapagos islands.

For more information about the requirements, regulations and fees, please contact your agent:

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