New 115-130 berth marina in Whangarei, NZ given consent to begin construction.

October 2, 2019 by Sharron Beck

The new marina will have a 2 year construction period aiming to be ready to accommodate many of the expected visiting overseas yachts post America's Cup racing in New Zealand. Many berths will be designed for 20 – 40m vessels.

Economic studies show that the $12-13 million marina proposed by the Whangarei Harbour Marine Management Trust, will indirectly support at least 94 new jobs and generate $9.5 million for the local economy.

The new marina will be on the seaward side of Whangarei’s bascule bridge which opens to allow yachts up to the existing marina in the town basin.

Also being close to shopping centres and the growing Port Road marine industry it will complement the current 177 berth town marina which already has a renowned reputation for welcoming and assisting overseas visitors.

In March 2018, the Trust Board applied to both the City and Regional Councils for more than a dozen consents required to build the marina. Independent hearing commissioner Dr Rob Lieffering heard the only negative submission which wished to be heard in early August 2019 and has just released his decision approving the marina. Lieffering found it would provide “significant positive effects, not only for Whangarei but also the wider Northland region”. Provided consent conditions were met, Lieffering said the adverse environmental effects from the marina would be minor, especially given the development already on the Hatea River.

The consents allow the 130-berth marina, a marina building and a car park to be built on top of a 4500m2 land reclamation, 100 to 150 piles and associated floating marina piers, and a rock retaining wall. The commissioner’s decision is subject to appeal for 15 working days until October 11th 2019.

Artist's impression
Artist's impression